The Life of an Entrepreneur: Where work parties consist of… you!

I still remember landing my first job as a coffee barista and donut smeller. I couldn’t wait to get employed so I could start earning money. At 13 I remember crying to my Mom, “Why is the government so mean, why can’t I work? Why can’t I just get a job?!…” Now that I think of it I don’t know why I was blaming the government…

Cut to a few years later and I finally got my first job… Tim Hortons!

And it lasted just a few short months before I left...

Oh, to go back to the donut smeller thing from before, yes it’s true… I would be working at the cashier and when fresh donuts would come out I would literally turn away from my customer to get that fresh whiff of newly baked Boston creams.

No I didn’t get fired from this… luckily.

I left on my own terms because I realized right then and there that I didn’t want to work for someone else… I wanted to work for myself.

And little did I know this came with its challenges.

At the age of 18 or so I was off to the races and I started my own company shooting wedding videos and small commercials for ma’ and pa’ shops. My dad helped me purchase my first camera, and I was a solo videographer, a solo editor, and a solo employee. My, myself, and I!


And we were unstoppable.

We worked together to grow a video production company, and that company still exists today. It’s just me running the company and this definitely comes with its ups and downs, but mostly, ups!

People who know me well know that I'm a filmmaker by day, and a comedian by night. One thing I always seem to joke about are work functions or work parties. When people mention to me that they are going out with their colleagues or work buddies, I’d reply with a joke saying that I was doing the same thing, except at home, with just me and my egg nog wearing a funky Christmas sweater. They always looked at me funny, with empathy… maybe a bit of pity.

For me, It’s a good thing it was just a joke about me being at home by my lonesome.

Because I really wasn’t... (I swear)... I was too busy working on self motivation, and I was actively putting myself out there networking and meeting new contacts.

You see, entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be just you. It may only be you running the company and wearing several hats because of the whole “I haven’t raised any money yet…” type deal, but it’s really up to you to get out there and make things happens!

Colleagues go to work functions and work events because their boss or CEO made those events happen.

Just because you may be the only one in your company at the beginning, doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and make great meaningful connections.

A large part of entrepreneurship is motivating yourself and getting things done. Because you sure as heck don’t have a boss breathing down your neck asking when the project is finished, or when the pitch deck is ready to be sent out… or in my case the boss saying:

“Why are you smelling the donuts in front of customers again, Rob?”

Most parents have said that “we are accountable for our own actions,” and this is so true when it comes to business. Being an entrepreneur means that you’re the boss now, and it’s on you to decide how you will run your business.

Feeling a little unmotivated? Check out this cool article on motivation and business.

Rob Comeau is a video content creator helping start ups scale through the use of video.

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